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Reviewers should check grammar, punctuation and spelling. References, ethical aspect and originality of the submitted manuscript should be checked. Check that the research reported has been carried out well and there are no flaws in the design or methodology.

Peer review decisions statements

They are:

  • Accept without revision
  • Accept but requires minor or major revisions
  • Reject with option to re-submit
  • Reject

Compile your responses regarding the minor and major issues and other itsy-bitsy suggestions. Rejection is due to poor quality, manuscript being out of scope and lacks contribution to body of knowledge.

Reviewer’s Guide

Example of nitty-gritty of a good peer review is explained in the following PDF.


How to register

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Short-listed reviewers are sent a certificate with their area of expertise, categorically indicated.

Reviewer Certificate Sample

Qualified reviewers would enter the journal’s permanent list of reviewers and would be sent the number of papers they can review at their own chosen time frame.